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blood and bone '17

SISTA ÖF JAC continue to define ingenuity in fashion design with their newest collection Blood and Bone, which focuses a microscope on human biology to create a bold collection of wearable science. Inspired by anatomy and living organisms, Blood and Bone was a collection several years in the making. Sourcing specimen slides for their concept, SISTA ÖF JAC explored interpreting organic as pattern, and then as garment. What has resulted is the eye catching microscopic blood cell and bone fragment imagery exclusive to the label. However, bold pattern isn’t all that defines this collection. Intricate pipping creates distinct connections between each range and its inspiration. Translating into structural and sharp for bone, or curved and intricate for blood. SISTA OF JAC has always been fascinated with fashion reflecting elements of life, science and engineering. In many ways Blood and Bone is composed of all three’. Predecessor to Science vs. Art, Blood and Bone is SISTA ÖF JACs second collection and will be available online for pre-order shortly.

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