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  • Our Aim
    As an ethically focused label, SISTA ÖF JAC believe in the conservation of natural resources through sustainable processes. We believe luxury fashion does not need to cost the Earth, and endeavour to reduce pollution, emissions and waste as a company. This ideology not only plays into our garment production, but the stories shared through our collections. Not only do we want to follow these guidelines, but promote them.
  • Responsibility
    Through innovation and technological advancement, the world of sustainable fashion is an ever-evolving one that requires consistent reflection and improvement on business practices. As a label, SISTA ÖF JAC make it our responsibility and priority to continually seek and implement these opportunities as our promise to the environment, and the future.
  • In Practice
    To have a truly positive impact on the planet, sustainability needs to be shared process. We believe transparency in sustainable practice is incredibly important as it challenges our audience to consider their own sustainability efforts, and holds our pledge for continual improvement accountable. This are just some of the ethical and sustainable measures implemented into SISTA ÖF JAC's garment design and business practices. In the Studio The SÖJ studio endeavours to consider the life cycle of every element that comes into the environment. From energy efficient light globes, to the vintage and antique sourced furniture, and the pattern making paper which gets recycled into a worm farm - not a scrap goes into the bin without its other potential uses being explored first. The Garments Working with a sustainable supplier that only purchases from ethical oversea manufactures. We priorities purchasing organic fair-trade cotton and rescued fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill for our upcoming collections. Our SÖJ exclusive prints are made locally in Australia, and have the material produced in accordance with orders received to avoid wastage. Packaging When it comes to packaging and sending our items, our carrier bags are made from recycled resources. Our swing tags are recyclable, and are printed with environmentally friendly soy based ink.
  • Sustainable Community
    SÖJ are avid supporters of Fashion Revolution, the global initiative bringing awareness to the unfair and unsafe practices prevalent in the fashion industry. It aims to break through the exploitive and environmentally damaging practice the industry has seen, and celebrates the leaders of ethical and sustainable fashion. You can learn more about the initiative here In 2016 SISTA ÖF JAC debuted the BLOOD & BONE collection on the Undress Runway, a fashion show made exclusively for sustainable designers, which showcased responsible Australian labels. In 2017 SISTA ÖF JAC debuted the SCOPULUM collection on the Eco Fashion Week, an eco focused fashion event hosted in WA showcasing sustaibale and designers on a global level. Want to join our sustainable community? Click here to contact us. We are always looking for opportunities to collaborate regarding sustainable fashion practice.
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