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Exposing environmental deterioration through clever garment design, SISTA ÖF JAC heed warning with their newest collection Scopulum. A three part reflection on the disappearing reef, Scopulum (latin meaning reef) illustrates the significant impact global warming has had on the Great Barrier Reef's decline, and cautions us to what will come if we continue to exploit our natural wondersScopulum is SISTA ÖF JAC's third collection, and is the first to represent the labels intention of creating advocacy infused collections. Using their signiture avante garde design and pipping to showcase that luxury fashion can change perception, inspire, and advocate.

Stage i: Interpreted through bold orange and a SISTA ÖF JAC exclusive print, Stage I of Scopulum mimics the biodiversity and complexity of a thriving reef. Creating vibrant pieces that encapsulate the joy and wonder synonymous with the Great Barrier Reef at the height of its popularity, it represents the idolised Reef that is slowly disappearing.

Stage ii: In stark reality to Stage I, Stage II of Scopulum displays a modern reflection on the Reef's decline. Portraying Ocean Acidification through textiles of cool linen, dark wool and silk - stage II depicts the fight for survival currently existing under the surface, as the phenomenon of coral bleaching takes hold.

Stage iii: A sinister look at the future of the Great Barrier Reef, stage III of Scopulum explores the eventual death of the reef. With minimal colour apart from some pipping used as a sign of hope, the juxtaposition between stages I and III highlight the critical we are in for the rejuvination of the reef, and that action to save the reef must be made now.



Through this collection, SISTA ÖF JAC aim to highlight the ecological impact global warming and other environmental factors have had on the Great Barrier Reef, endangering the 3000 species of plant and animal life that reside there, and sabotaging an eco system with great cultural significance to more than 70 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Groups. SISTA ÖF JAC hope to inspire discussion and greater advocacy for this natural wonder through the Scopulum collection, and encourage you to visit

SISTA ÖF JAC Instagram page to learn more ways to be involved.        

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